About us

database is an underground electronic music club from Timișoara, Romania which opened its gates for the very first time on the 15th of October 2016. Situated in an industrial lot of the city, placed in an old building which used to host several parties in the past, the club began with a fresh approach, unlike everything the crowd of Timișoara was used to until then.

It holds two areas, the main room for regular access and a large VIP spot. The minimal soft-black decor, the LED lighting setup and the powerful VOID Acoustics sound system make an instant impression since the moment you step in.

In the first season of activity, database welcomed important artists such as Audiofly, Carlo Lio, David August, James Zabiela, Jay Lumen, Joey Daniel, La Fleur, Matthias Tanzmann, Nic Fanciulli, Prâslesh, Petre Inspirescu, Technasia, Traumer, Tube & Berger and the list goes on. It also supports local artists having a great potential, keen on learning and put a lot of work in order to reach their purposes, as initially desired, with the likes of Atapy, JUST2, Luca M, Olivian Nour, just to name a few.

Season two came as fast as the wind with significant improvements of image and sound, ready to include new names in its “database”. The musical approaches for this one had some comebacks from the first chapter but also some new ones, such as Seth Troxler, Deborah De Luca, Mind Against, OXIA, LEON, Paul Ritch, Metodi Hristov, etc. The club’s popularity has reached now some other borders, attracting guests from many big cities of Europe nearby West Romania.

The club is scheduled to start its third chapter on the 19th of October, having the masterminds Mind Against as opening guests two years in a row. Artists expected to play in the near future are Petre Inspirescu, Apollonia, Luca Agnelli and some new big names soon to be revealed. Preparations for this one are ongoing and are meant to bring a fresh, new look of the dancefloor and aiming to implement several different clubbing concepts for its lovely crowd. Step in to see what we really mean!